Well Bellies & Babies “Womb to World” Services


These services address a wide range of pediatric diagnoses including but not limited to motor delay, torticollis, post tongue/lip tie procedures, & autism to sensory processing disorders & low muscle tone. Women’s health diagnoses including postpartum joint pain, diastasis recti, & core instability/weakness to pelvic floor dysfunction & incontinence. Well Belly therapists incorporate therapeutic touch, myofacial release, craniosacral techniques & reflex integration through rhythmic movement into treatment sessions. Instruction on the Tummy Time! Method, which helps to regulate a child’s nervous system, is also offered. Services can be provided in a clinic, home, or outdoor nature setting.
Some insurance plans & private pay accepted.


This class provides the opportunity to learn how to therapeutically touch your baby to facilitate bonding, improve sleep patterns, decrease colic/reflux symptoms, & help with overall development. The class also incorporates gentle rhythmic movements that help to connect your baby’s brain & body for healthy development. Various therapeutic play positions are also covered including tummy time, rolling techniques, & upright sitting activities. The class also serves as an amazing support circle for mothers to connect & inspire one another throughout their baby’s first months of life.